Our Favorite Foods

We love food, to cook, to eat and of course we love to take pictures of our food! Most of what we cook is made up recipes! I love cranberries, not just for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I have them in just about every room in our house (not real ones! :p ). I really just love red berries, well maybe, I just really love RED!

The Green Egg

Chicken and Squash Quesadillas

You must use real French's mustard in a jar and BEST MAID pickles on your homemade burger!

Taters on the flat skillet- Mr. C's favorite to cook on!

Potatoes and Tomatoes from the garden-nothing better!

Pork Belly!

Pork Belly 2- because it is THAT good!!

Mr. C cooking up a batch of squash on his griddle.

Thanksgiving desserts with some homemade ice cream, too.

Cooking on the egg

Brunch in the She Shed