Our old storage building which held great treasures, every toy our sons had ever owned and a whole lot of JUNK, was beautifully transformed into my Shed Shed by my talented hubby with some help from friends. Our old cedar fence and old windows that my parents had collected through the years became the exterior walls. The inside is filled with things that have special meaning to us and make us happy! This is my favorite place to be when it rains!

Kay's She Shed

Here are pictures of the transition from storage building to my She Shed.

The old storage building

Where do we put all this junk?

Mr. C framing in the windows

Old cedar fence and windows going in


The old sink and door from my parent's Cackleberry craft store

Old door turned into a table

The Pig chair Mom got me

My Great Grandmother's birdcage and my She Shed sign from Alease

Moving the plants in from the cold

I don't use this old washing machine for washing clothes!

The back porch of the She Shed